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Lauderdale Media, led by

Jacquelyn Tacke, is a premier PR firm specializing in strategic media and event-driven press for the entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle industries.

Jacquelyn Tacke has over 25 years of expertise in public relations for the entertainment industry, focusing on brand marketing, consulting, media, and product placement.


She has worked on Capitol Hill for several NBA teams (Memphis Grizzlies and Philadelphia 76ers) and NFL teams, San Diego Chargers and Washington Redskins.


She has created ad campaigns for television, radio, cable, and print celebrity cruises (Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, Fashionteenth, Mid-South Fashion Week, Essence Music Festival, and Tom Joyner Family Reunion). Moreover, she has assisted in and/or created social media campaigns for NWSL, Nike, NEA, NAMIC, and WICT.


She was also a guest speaker at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise) in San Diego, CA.


She is a proud Navy veteran.

Portrait at Work


Take the leap and let Lauderdale Media propel your brand to the forefront. With our strategic expertise and proven track record, we're ready to turn your vision into impactful results. Don't wait to make your mark.

Image by Vanilla Bear Films


Have questions or need expert advice? Schedule a consultation with Jacquelyn Tacke to gain insights that could redefine your brand's journey. Start with a conversation that could lead to your brand's transformation.

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