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Can Lauderdale Media write my press release and or distribute it?

  • Yes. 

Can Lauderdale Media help me with product placement?

  • Yes. Lauderdale Media specializes in fashion if you would like to connect with a celebrity. 


What services does Lauderdale Media offer?

  • Lauderdale Media is a full-service public relations firm that specializes in branding, marketing, and strategic media placement in various industries, including entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, sports, and more.

How does Lauderdale Media enhance an athlete's brand?

  • Our team works with athletes to maximize their media exposure through personalized strategies that go beyond game performance, including interviews, hosting, commentating, and social media management.

Can Lauderdale Media manage my social media accounts?

  • Yes, we offer comprehensive management of social media accounts, ensuring your online presence is impactful, consistent, and aligned with your brand's message.

What makes Lauderdale Media different from other PR firms?

  • Under the leadership of Jacquelyn Tacke, Lauderdale Media brings over 25 years of experience and a personal touch to every campaign, focusing on innovative methods that exceed expectations and impact the bottom line.

How can I start working with Lauderdale Media?

  • We're thrilled to discuss how we can support your goals. Contact us through our contact page, and let's schedule a consultation to explore how we can elevate your brand together.

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